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  1. Just get an 8mm or 5/16 inch steel rod. and cut it to length. Total cost around 5$
  2. Heute in der Motorrad Zeitschrift gefunden, gibt ausser BMW wohl noch andere Scooter mit Strassenzulassung https://www.motorradonline.de/motorraeder/veeley-elektro-kick-scooter-mit-strassenzulassung.1066252.html?source=newsletter&article=Elektro-Kick-Scooter+Veeley+V5
  3. The best one I got so far was: "The Jetsons are coming" while riding with my daughter around the neighborhood
  4. I totally agree with you, except, for the time frame. From my experience I was able to teach 5 people to ride an EUC within 30 minutes max. Fastest was 5 minutes with unicycle and slacklining background. All I did was walk the whole time beside them, so they can hold on fast for the first couple minutes and then just lean on my outstretched arm to barely touching my arm if necessary after a short time. With that help, all of them were able to ride straight within 30 minutes and do some large radius turns. Getting up on the wheel on their own is a different thing, but if you feel comfortable riding, then it comes quickly. So go and find someone to hold on to and practice with them. Maybe bribe a friend with a case of beer to spend half an hour walking around with you Marco
  5. I trained with 4 people now and all were able to ride unassisted after about 30 min. Sure it didn't look to good, but they could go straight and do perform larger turns. My two sons were pretty good on their snowboards and skateboards before and one colleague could ride a unicycle prior. What really made it easier for them was, that I walked alongside them the whole time, with them clinging to me at first and gradually letting go of my arm as they got more comfortable. If you are on your own with only holding onto a wall and constantly stepping of the wheel will definitely lead to longer training. -Marco
  6. Thanks, I will open the wheel over the weekend.
  7. Good morning, I need some help and advise. My MSuper is not charging anymore. I tried the 5A charger I got from eWheels and the regular charger with a charge doctor attached. They show 83V and 84V which means they don't start charging the wheel. Since the wheel has low voltage it starts beeping as soon as you accelerate but otherwise shows no other problems. Cruising at slow speed gives no warning beeps. Do you have any ideas what could be the problem here? Is it the board or just the charging port? I didn't have the time yet to open the wheel, but would appreciate some ideas where I should start searching. Thank you for your help, Marco
  8. Hi, when I was practicing on the MTEN3 of my son I quickly realized that these pedals are a little bit tiny for a shoe size 17. With a comfortable placement of my feet, my toes were out by approx. 2" Do you know if the MSuperV3 pedals fit on the MTEN3? Is it safe to mount them or will I end up hitting the ground on every turn? Thanks for any input, Marco
  9. Did my son ran into anyone of you guys monday morning at the Nike campus?
  10. You could try these bubbles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me1y78yMOSo
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