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this is how slow the mini pro really is

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To be fair that's not a very good way to compare the speeds of two vehicles.  You're saying that your kick scooter is faster, when pushing a lot and going down a hill, than your Segway.  And therefore your Segway is slower than your kick scooter.  Try this comparison:  How fast does the kick scooter go on flat ground without pushing.  Now try it with the Segway.  Which is faster?  And then try going uphill on the kick scooter while pushing.  Which is faster now?  Now try going down a long steep hill on a skateboard with a rocket engine attached to your back and compare that to the kick scooter going up hill. 

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i love my mini pro but i need a little extra speed it was just fun to see my kick scooter going faster im just gonna buy a euc 

the mini pro is not for anyone though i enjoyed driving with my freind and being a little behind but when there was a hill... hurry up guys! :D

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