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New V3Pro


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So I took the V3Pro out on a 4 km (2.4 mile) ride this wet-but-not-rainy morning, and have a couple of tentative conclusions from that.  In the context of me being new to EUCs and my only comparative reference is an IPS i5.

First, the climbing power doesn't seem to be as good as the IPS i5, which itself is no monster climbing machine.  Going up some hills I found I couldn't help but to slow---down--- until the hill started to level off.

I DO like, now that I'm learning to interpret it, the pedal tilt-back feedback when I'm approaching the speed limit. I really hate (hate hate hate) that my i5 will just start shrilly beeping at me for quite a bit when I'm at max.   The i5 is sort of training me to always stay some measurable level below the max, whereas with the V3Pro I feel like I can go right close to the max and get a little nudge-back when I'm there.   Of course, the real answer might be "get a better wheel" with a higher allowable velocity, and perhaps I'll get there (this is all too new to me at this point to consider already buying a third wheel).

I rode on some gravel, and while it wasn't super firmly packed, neither was it super loose, and I found it tough sledding.  Sort of like steeper hills, I could keep going, but on what's normally perhaps a 3 - 4 minute walk of a connecting gravel path I opted to get off and walk the middle ~half of it rather than ride.  Again, I think the issue is the power of the motor.

Another power issue is handling shallow curbs and aggressive curb cuts; with more experience and sufficient power, I would have no problem just slowly attacking something like that, but once today and almost another time I opted to just get off the EUC rather than seeing if I could make it up a "bump-up" curb cut.

And now on to battery power --- the range really is weak on this unit.  Admittedly I live in a hilly area, but I started with the battery almost full (my wife had done a little tooling around in the basement in learner mode after I charged it), and according to the app I ended with 59% battery power left.  So if 2.4 miles takes 30+ % of the battery power, AND recognizing that you can never get these things down to zero, or at least practically speaking I don't anticipate doing so, AND that I presume with this machine also you get some sort of enforced slow-down as the battery reaches some lower threshold --- then the effective, usable range is low indeed.

Turning isn't so bad now, I'm getting better at getting up just a little onto one wheel or the other to facilitate turns.  At first it felt like I was either stable on both wheels, or whoa!  Unstable tilting onto on wheel to turn.  And I'm getting better at doing sort of in-place hip-shift sharp turns when needed.   With an empty garage (was really rainy yesterday) I worked on figure eights with the V3Pro and the i5.  I could definitely do tighter and easier figure eights with the IPS i5, but I could do them with the V3Pro too. 

I don't mean any of the above as an attack on the V3Pro.   It would be like giving cheetah a poor rating as an animal because it's not good at flying (or an eagle at running, or pick your own weird metaphor).  "It is what it is", and what it is I think is a pretty stable EUC that might be a good learner unit, fun to ride around for a couple or three miles at a time, and one that's relatively small and light --- so also something that perhaps can be used in a "last mile" mode (take it on a bus, for example).  

My daughters are coming to visit today and one of them can ride a conventional unicycle.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they fare with this.

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