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Rockwheel GT16 doesn’t track miles

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I have a problem with my GT16: it is don’t keep in memory the miles performed. 

Everytime that I turn on the wheel each app, that I choose to use, shows that the wheel run for 294.1 kilometers. 

For example: If I run for 10 kilometers and I keep the app turned on, it shows 304.1 kilometers, but when I turn off the wheel and re-turn it on, each app shows the last kilometers performed: 294.1.


Does anyone have a solution to fix it?

many thanks

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I believe that the problem could be caused by the controller which erases memory when the wheel turns off. It is the same of some digital clock that forgets the time when it is unplugged from electric power. It happens because the clock doesn’t receive power from battiery. About you could it be the same problem that happens because the memory of the wheel doesn’t receive power from battery in order to some wire unplugged?!

many thanks

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