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  1. hi can I use charger 3A of rockwheel gt16 instead standard charger 1.5A of gotway msx super? I attached here a picture of both charger. I know, I need an adapter plug. If yes, can I use two chargers of 3A together to charge my MSX throught to a "V" wire adater? I shoud charge my wheel in this way at 6Amp/h instead 1,5. Four times speedier. Is it correct? Could I damage battery?
  2. Hi, who has iOS, at the moment has no Rockwheel official app to use. How is it possible?
  3. Can I use Rockwheel gt16 charger plug in to recharge msx 84v 1600wh?
  4. Ciao Ragazzi, il GT16 V2 è il mio... se avete domande chiedete pure ne ho un’altro che uso da settembre con un media di 20km al giorno. Sono su whatsapp in un gruppo di milano e su muoviti elettrico gruppo di Roma
  5. I believe that the problem could be caused by the controller which erases memory when the wheel turns off. It is the same of some digital clock that forgets the time when it is unplugged from electric power. It happens because the clock doesn’t receive power from battiery. About you could it be the same problem that happens because the memory of the wheel doesn’t receive power from battery in order to some wire unplugged?! many thanks
  6. I have a problem with my GT16: it is don’t keep in memory the miles performed. Everytime that I turn on the wheel each app, that I choose to use, shows that the wheel run for 294.1 kilometers. For example: If I run for 10 kilometers and I keep the app turned on, it shows 304.1 kilometers, but when I turn off the wheel and re-turn it on, each app shows the last kilometers performed: 294.1. Does anyone have a solution to fix it? many thanks
  7. I noticed that my Rockwheel GT16 doesn’t refresh total mileage because at each connection with iOs darknessbot and Rockwheel app it is recognized as a new wheel and the date of go live is the current day. Is there someone that knows as to fix this bug?
  8. Tranquillo... resisti e poi tra qualche giorno vedrai che apparirà tutto più semplice e per nulla faticoso... la costanza è ciò che premia
  9. I have darknessbot and it worked before. I noticed that the real kilometers showed are about 300 instead of 700 and they don’t increase anymore also in Rockwheel app. really strange. anyway the single mileage every time begins from zero. Before I need to restart it and last point: the remaining kilometers are 140 on full charge battery. Before were 81 with 1036wh battery. mah!
  10. Exactly. I have just the same problem that the app doesn’t track the total mileage:(
  11. Grazie Leo pure per il messaggio privato. Risolto staccando la batteria
  12. I fixed everything disconnecting the battery! do you know the default angulation in the playing mode?
  13. I bought it on AliExpress through Feier outdoor. do you know if I can resolve it disconnecting the battery? Do you know if the connector is into one of the two side of the chassis or near motherboard? I am very glad
  14. In addition on that : Rockwheel app connect the wheel but the app doesn’t show any info and if I try to change mode it says the device is illegal
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