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Hello riders in Leeds (UK)


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Hi good to hear from you. Leeds just gets better now we also have Trinity, Victoria gate and flagship John Lewis. You’ll be amazed if you get the chance to visit again!! I’ve not ridden in Hyde Park, but sure it would be good. I am riding on cycle paths near the Playhouse to get to work. An interesting experience especially when next to a bus full of people starring at me. Do you ride in London? I am a little worried that if the Police see me they may ask me to stop using cycle paths and treat it like a hoverboard, but no issues so far. Has this concerned you? Best wishes.

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On 09/10/2017 at 10:14 PM, UKJarvis said:

Hi I am new to the forum and have only had my E+ for a month, but have started to ride my wheel into Leeds city to complete my commute. Anyone else local?

Hi, haven't been on the forum of late so just trying to catch up.
I'm down the road in York with an Inmotion V8.
I'm always concerned about the police taking an interest but it certainly appears around here (& I think generally everywhere), if you act sensibly & responsibly, they aren't bothered & are more likely to just gaze in awe!! (They can't speak when their mouths are gaping open):D:D

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