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Tim Duffett

Ninebot One

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Being the longest distance rider in the UK and possibly worldwide at 100+ miles per week, I was asked to trial out a Ninebot One over a weekend byJason McNeil who runs http://wheelgo.com. He'll be stocking this device, as well as continuing to stock the IPS 132 which is my favourite wheel to date.


Here's my feedback on the Ninebot One written from an IPS 132 user's point of view:

· wow factor with the public is much higher than IPS, especially with the LEDs

· seems pretty durable

· pedals a little higher off the ground so turning circle tighter

· the app’s obviously a novelty but I haven’t tried it for myself

· Bigger/heavier than IPS. Only just about fitted into my locker at swimming pool today.

· Range lower than IPS. It struggled to get me all the way to work on my shortest route (9 miles). Just about did it with “low batt” moaning towards the end.

· doesn’t seem to gather speed as quickly as IPS. Although I think top speed is slightly higher.

· Control software – I don’t think it’s that mature yet. I’ve felt unstable at various times including

· At least twice at top speed it’s done aggressive “kick backs” (slowdowns tilting me back) when the battery’s getting low.

· Once it kicked back when I was going down a steep hill, making me go even faster!! As the batt was low it struggled to slow me down. I thought I was gonna crash (but thankfully not)!

· When going top speed over nobbles (the surface you get on sidewalks near traffic lights) it tilts me back onto my heels, making me feel a bit precarious

· When going over uneven surfaces it tilts me forward, as if it wants to offload me like a tipper truck!

To me it feels like toddler’s chunky toy and more “ocean going” than the nimble IPS. I think it looks like a fish with the handle as the back fin and the pedals as side fins  :)

I also had occasional issues mounting/dismounting the device because the pedals are bigger than the IPS. With time I’d learn to undo my habits.

· I didn’t fully clear the pedal when stepping off. No consequences, but still annoying

· I accidentally closed on pedal when hoping to cross a road. It was a bit embarrassing coz I can’t ride this thing on one leg yet! The pedals stay shut by magnets

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Hello Tim


I really like your review.

So most of it is clear for the Ninbote.

Whould you do a review of the IPS you drive every day too?

I like to know how is it going with so many miles and what kind of parts you had to replace until today.



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