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Okay, I'm moving soon and this "third wheel" has to go ASAP because I'm out of space.Keep in mind that this is a low-end wheel that does 7mph at best before tilt-back, and only gets about 4 miles on a charge. Still, it's the perfect wheel for learning because you won't be crying if it gets scraped up. I have pre-scraped it for you! It's actually not a bad wheel, the only real annoyance is that the pedals don't stay up when you carry it.

It's a generic 14-inch wheel but I've managed to avoid major cracks or damage to the case. There is already padding all over it, but the package contains some more padding and double-sided tape if you can find a place to stick more or need to replace the existing foam. it also has the training wheels, assist strap, air pump, and charger. The second image below has the specs for the wheel, which are the typical optimistic claims from the wheel maker. I also have the original shipping box if you want that.

This wheel is free to to anyone who wants to pick it up, I live in Columbia Maryland but am also frequently in Silver Spring Maryland if that helps. It is not really worth shipping because once everything is boxed up it probably would cost $50 or more to ship. Just send me a DM. Once you've gotten your use out of it you can give it to someone else for learning.


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