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NB Elite+ max. speed on firmware 1.5.2


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I have received my new NB Elite+ with firmware 1.4.4 :D

In this cofiguration I reach the maximum speed of 22 km/h which is excellent.

I have asked a NB colleague at my store about a firmware update to 1.5.2 and the max. speed afterwards. He replied that the max. speed will decrease to 20 km/h after the update to 1.5.2.

I have read in onnother thread (here in the forum) that the max. speed remains at 22 km/h with the new firmware.

What is your experience with firmware 1.5.2 and the maximum speed limit? Definetely I will not update if the speed decreases!

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Just got my Black Elite +

As I connect it to the app this ask me for  update to firmware  1.5.3 and I've done but setting the speed in the app the max cursors value is 20kph. ..<_<

How do you set 22kph ???? :confused1:

Thanks B)


Nevermind...... ;) Just done !!!:P:DB)

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