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  1. No chance .... anyone must do what can do and is able to do avoid to cause possible damages
  2. Every EUC or Segway could work without BT It was added to include optional ed extended monitoring and tracing functions If you have the scheme , you can simply find and isolate it...
  3. lame and useless protections.... Is not a secret that can be set a "personal" device SN both in Ninebot and KS devices....
  4. Hi.... As said, is a problem of BT version.... While I'm able to connect to the MiniPro with Android 4.3 OS, Elite+ require at last Android 4.4 and up in order to use BT 4.1......
  5. @Ninebot.run Sorry.... no chance I can approach to unscrew and open my minis by myself .... Last time I tried to open a device, it ends in several screws in excess and the rush to an official assistance to reassemble the item.... If I was able to open and replace the motherboard, at this point I was able to ship it to make replace the processor other than buy another motherboard and mount then it back.... no chance...... MUST WAIT for and Android Flashing App..... together with a Firmware files Repository where download Official and Custom Firmwares !
  6. zugu

    Battery Rebuild Ninebot PTR Elite +

    Great !!! Now you could be in business !!! When I'll need a battery relacement in the future, I'll first ask to you for a Rebuilt package
  7. zugu

    1.5.3 update?

    I got 22kph in app and on handlebar display as max speed setting , but with full charged battery I was able to got and see on the display 23,5kph just a second before the Segway start the tiltback function pushing me back...
  8. Shit... must wait for an app to flash the firmware... no way for me to do these mods by myself ...
  9. zugu

    Kingsong 18L Wrong Tire Direction

    curiously , @eddiemoy in his videos haven't change the thing... Still have the power button on the front...
  10. Really thanks Alexei Now, hope next forthcoming app will be the NineFlash, the 1st and only Greatest app to Flash Custom or Official Firmwares back and forth in our Minis
  11. any new gearbest coupon ? The old one doesn't work anymore.....
  12. A Swallowbot proprietary original app to flash our mini WOULD BE the hoped and cleaner solution
  13. hardware cut you must physically cut one of the 2 buzzer cable
  14. Shit. ...must use a Private VPN in order to see original and don't redirected links !!