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  1. On YouTube saw Micheal Rada got the Issue filmed while training the wheel with two children's. .. from Minutes 2:15 ....
  2. Yes, yes, yes, well. ..... but at now... apart the 2 videos on YouTube. ... For all the humans like us... All are "Bar talkings".... Almost 4 months are passed without any update.... I start to believe that this upgrade kit will be out and ready to spread when I'll have sold my 2 miniPro....
  3. I don't think so... In order to unlock the normal speed you must 1st complete the tutorial and later do at last some miles ... I suppose that expecially the tutorial can be completed only with the official app.....
  4. Sorry. .. NO way at now to run the official app previous of version 4.x.x... If your smartphone is old and doesn't support this version is a problem due Ninebot didn't permit to start and login on their server app older than 4.x.x You must change/update your smartphone or no way to get in and start official app... Try elsewhere different unofficial apps and try to see which one could be compilant with your old firmware Os... I don't remember exactly their names but you can find them on the Market free to download. Obviously those apps didn't contains any chat or N FansMoment or Ranking like the official app but all the settings, values and parameter of you device connected, yes
  5. If you try to start the app ....o without any connection ( wifi or data ) the app pop up a message of Network Error and doesn't starts....
  6. Anyway. ...even if you get the apk of a 3.5.1 or below versions, it's almost a useless practice. .. due even if you'll be able to install them, as you'll start you'll receive a message to update and the app force closed !!! No way to put in work versions previous of 4.x.x.... Ninebot has closed the holes. ...
  7. Yeah.... that's the point.... 😄😄😄😄😄😃😃👱‍♂️🧕🧕
  8. 25Kph as Top Speed would be perfect imho due it let you maintain a 22-23kph riding mean
  9. You MUST have the long bar sterring handler on mini Pro in order to act as a real and traditional Segway so can be compilant with the Directive document !
  10. @trevmar Here in Italy, taking about laws, is the exact opposite. .. Scooters are illegal without homologation and number plates. . They're considered as motorcycles and requires to pay taxes for ownership and assurance. .. The only reason for people hostination into buy and ride them is for their easy and old drive concept. ... For the most part of people 2 wheel must be in line like motorcycles and bicycles... Here is really dangerous to move on road and sidewalks with scooters due they can be confiscated by street police with the aggravated to receive too a big fine to pay for.... Indeed, miniPro with long steering handler it becomes a real Segway at all and here for Segway exists a Ministerial Directive that define them as Personal Transporters and let them go on sidewalks at 6kph max and at 20kph in the bicycle lanes
  11. @MRN76 TOP ! Great job you and Alexey are a winning team Now, please, ask to Alexey to be quickly into solve our repressive and conservative firmwares and free up our miniPro into born to a new life ! Ready to buy your upgrade