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  1. Please Which one app do you used to flash the firmware ?? NineTool 1.7 or NineTool Beta 2.3.5 ?? Thanks
  2. Where's the link to download 9Tool app?? Is it an Android flashing tool Bluetooth app?? Thanks
  3. Okay ... Thanks to all but still at now I don't understand what I need to buy, Where I could buy and how to flash the Extreme firmware in my 2 miniPro by the Android app... ( where to get it ?? ) Thanks
  4. Please Can somebody write a mini Guide of the process step by step ?? Thanks
  5. Ok thanks Where and how to order the Blutooth Flashing app + 2 Extreme Firmwares?? Thanks!!
  6. With this Virus around All travels without an urgent and indispensable reasons are voided.... Anyway shipping the motherboard for me never was an option otherwise I'll have already solved times and times ago. . No... I'm looking for, like some years ago, a kit to flash the Swallowbot firmware by myself. . ( an Android phone app + the modified firmware file ) Thanks
  7. Still at the point that can't be flash by ourselves by an app ??? Still would require motherboard swap or chip replacement ??
  8. Shit.... Still talking about dull protections.... and again .. no way to flash the shitty original firmware by ourselves
  9. thanks really ,I born with original Solowheel in later 2012..... passing to Xtreme in 2015... so I began with monowheels miniPro was my great hope and enjoyed them till them start to beep or passing through their conservative and silly annoying tiltback.... I really hoped in you and Alexey in an Android app to flash a modded firmware with easy and by myself .... At now still wish to buy an app and a modded firmware in order to flash my minis Pro by myself and finally enjoy them ... but proprobably mine is a vanishing dream and the better task I can do is to resell them back before it will be too late....
  10. Well..... I'm gone to selling mines.... due no way to mod them other than flash them by a BT app that never be released.... Very annojed by the limits and dangerous tiltback.... At now I'm flying with a KS18L...
  11. an info.... Must they be bought complete of axles or can be used the axles just owned in 18L pedals ??? Ask this because Aliexpress offer the option to buy them with or without axles....
  12. no way to get large pedals shipped to Italy by Ewheels....... Any other solutions at max $99 better if shipping included ???
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