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  1. zugu

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    an info.... Must they be bought complete of axles or can be used the axles just owned in 18L pedals ??? Ask this because Aliexpress offer the option to buy them with or without axles....
  2. zugu

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    no way to get large pedals shipped to Italy by Ewheels....... Any other solutions at max $99 better if shipping included ???
  3. Only for the brave. Russian Hack for the Mini Pro
  4. Great ! Thanks A wise decision Great ! Thanks A wise decision
  5. happy to find back this discussion thread even if in another section .....
  6. We are under censure the other thread was deleted.... .... no more words...
  7. ABSOLUTELY NOT AGREE !!!! It's a kind of censure It like to close a thread in a car forum where the member post about mod and remap the car .... (there are tons of these online... and nobody never closed them...) sorry.... BULL SHIT....IMHO...............
  8. OR.... One of them (MRN76 or Alexey ) Could build up A Private DNS dedicaded Server to point to and update via BT the Custom Firmware ONLY after gained the access to it Paying first the Service by Paypal !!!!
  9. zugu

    KS-18XL - a review by houseofjob

    @Lutalo Yeah p.s. will keep my fantastic 18L
  10. zugu

    KS-18XL - a review by houseofjob

    points of view and necessity .... By my side, L is just at the weight limit ..... luckily it's also enough in range for my needs and use, so XL could be in my target only with a dedicate firmware that will takes an advantage in instant power and 60kph max speed with the same ratio tuned of the L... 1554wh only to gain range don't justify the buy for my needs adding too a major weight ... 1554wh, instead, to gain torque and add more instant power and max speed , yes
  11. Every Company in business try to "ride" the latest fashion and new gadget items brandishing them with their own logos and signs.... Just see what happens in the near past for the Solowheel, cloned by IPS and Mobo and Airwheel X3 that first borns like a 14" Solowheel Classic clone and immediately was cloned itself by hundreds of occasional Companies. ... See either the Hovertrax that generated a thousands of clones still on market like Hoverboards. .. I think that every kind of invention around the autobalanced mobility devices, even if sometimes show their limits as a toy, must give them a look and a try I, as a collector of those technological items, wish to have them all for the history and the evolution of this technology Obviously, must find them at the better cheaper price...
  12. Well... Hope Gearbest will do better... 260 IS just enough for those toys and my complusIve autobalanced devices acquisitions....
  13. no no no.... wait, wait... I bought just the 2 helmets They can either be used as protection with my 2 MiniPro, with my Elite+ and generally with all my EUC of my "Garage"