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KS-14D firmware upgrade


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yesterday I got my new KS-14D with firmware 1.00

I downloaded Kingsong New app v1.4 from Appstore - my Iphone 6 was easily connected to EUC via BT (no password required). When I tried to upgrade firmware on the wheel - v 1.01 was downloaded and "update" button appeared. But when I pushed this button - iphone was disconnected from the wheel. And the firmware was still 1.00 on the wheel even after switching it off/on.

May be someone already have such experience? What is most recent firmware version for KS-14D?



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Hello and welcome to the forum.

maybe this will help you (copied from Kingsong app manual):


Upgrade failure fix

If exit upgrade process while upgrading or the upgrade bar is static, then, pls exist and close app, enter into app again, the main interface will pop upconnect successfully, then enter into firmware upgrade interface, you will get a model No. list, choose the corresponding firmware version ( firmware version,you can get it in basic information interface) , then click download, upgrade, when the progress bar is finished, restart the unicycle, then you can enjoy the riding again. 




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