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  1. I am suffering with you. ? I hope you’ll get it very soon.
  2. About 75kg (165lbs) incl. protection gear.
  3. I Finished a 77km ride today with my KS18L and.my girlfriend with her Rockwheel GT16 This KS18L Wheel is so amazing ? I love it! (and my girlfriend ?) Medium riding Mode, riding speeds moderate-fast (between 30-38km/h), 22-24 degrees Celsius, medium wind, hilly trails, 10% very steep wood paths, 40% combined off-road gravel/sand/wood/mud, 50% combines asphalt. I think it would be possible to ride 80 km but then it would start beeping two times and I guess with 85km the tiltbacking would kick in... My girlfriend stoped riding her GT16 after 70km, then it started beeping when she was riding uphill the house driveway. Overall i am very impressed with this range of the 1036wh battery of the KS18L and even the 858wh battery of the GT16. I can absolutely recommend this wheel with no concerns.
  4. I actually tried it with my rockwheel GT16 with the latest beta version 4.3-188 which has been released about 30 min ago and I have no issues at all. It works great. @ir_fuel maybe the handover function from iPhone to your MacBook (or unlock with phone feature) might disturb the Bluetooth connection? Try switching off your macs Bluetooth or go somewhere with your wheel where no other Bluetooth device could disturb the connection.
  5. Today I also tried the Android app version 1.50 which is in the meantime already downloadable via the Kingsong official website. http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk (The link is copied from https://www.kingsong.com/list-30.html ) In addition to install the app successfully you probably will need an APK installer und you’ll get one for free from Google play store... It is very nice that you can calibrate the lift up sensor which makes it work much better and it is also possible to turn it off. You can even switch off the side LED music Equalizer effects via a separate Switch in the app. overall a nice improvement. And yes it finally supports 84v wheels. ? I hope the iOS version of the new Kingsong app will be released very soon. ?
  6. Hopefully Kingsong is able to release a optimised iOS and Android version very soon. ?
  7. Today I made a trip on my KS18L. Very windy weather, 18 degrees Celsius, very hilly roads, lots of off-road and uphill, weight about 75kg (165 lbs) and 1,8 meters tall (5 feet and 10.9 inches), medium riding mode, my riding style is pretty fast. ? I set the tiltback to 38km/h and the level 3 alarm to 40km/h. Using the darknessbot app for iOS because it is officially supporting 84V (if it is enabled in the settings) wheels and battery percentage looks more realistic than in the original Kingsong app (which is still not able to officially support the KS18L regarding the 84V battery) My total mileage was 63km, I guess 65 km range could be possible with today’s bad weather conditions and then it would start total tiltback. So I guess if there would be no strong wind like today and about 30 degrees Celsius I could easily go 70km and more. And if I would set the speed limit lower there I could go even further maybe 80-85km... As conclusion this KS18L with “only” 1036wh battery has for me the same 70km mileage like my old KS18A with 1360Wh battery. That is nice.
  8. I love it already, although I have ridden only about 70 km yet. Sure, there are a few software bugs existing that can be fixed afterwards and I am thinking ? hmm why is again a customer somehow a beta tester. I do see the concurrent pressure is one reason to ship devices as soon as possible. But the overall first impression of riding it, the power, the agility, the build quality and especially the look of it are very good point to choose this wheel. My girlfriend and a good friend of mine also did a testride. They are used to an inmotion v8 and rockwheel GT16 and they are both very impressed too. I was very satisfied with my old KS18A. So I had no reason to change to a gotway wheel. But I also like the design of the upcoming ninebot one Z. The inmotion v10 would be no option for me, because I was too comfortably used to the 18 inch wheel size. The gotway seems to be a good wheel to me: with bigger battery and maybe even more speed, but design wise it looks cheaper and the build quality (housing and wiring) seems to be very filigree. With the apprenticeship for electric appliance technician I had a lot to do with wiring and in my opinion Kingsong is doing a much better job (design wise inside and outside) than Gotway. I don’t want to criticise or judge anyone. I do respect everyone’s opinion.
  9. Which phone do you have? I have the same problem on iOS (iPhone x) regarding the bad app button layout... ?
  10. Another new firmware update! ? ...I wish the update cycle of the Kingsong app would be as regularly as the update cycle of the KS18L firmware...
  11. I became aware of this usb music function by reading the manual.
  12. The KS18L has built in USB Music Mode but it is not possible to regulate the volume or skip a song (yet)...
  13. I got it today on early afternoon plugged it in for about 4,5 hours (7 hours are a full charge), the led ring had missed 1 indicator point when I unplugged it (and charger was still red), so it was not fully charged. Something between 75-90% charged I guess. The original Kingsong new app on iOS was everytime at 100% soc after the ride and darknessbot said that there was about 20% left. So i think either my battery soc is not yet correctly calibrated because I unplugged it too early (no 100% soc calibration) or the apps need to be optimised for 84V and 1036wh battery. (In darknessbot app I activated 84V switch and set to 1035wh battery...) Now I charge it over night so it should have real 100% tomorrow morning... we’ll see...
  14. Update was done successful.
  15. Today my Kingsong KS18L finally arrived. ??? First testride done about 46km. It is awesome. Very stable and smooth. The front light is very bright and the RGB lights are pretty cool too. First impression: ??
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