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Inmotion V8 vs KS-14C 680WH or both :) ?


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HI Guys.

I do still enjoy my KS-14C 500W & 340WH but after a few months, I sometimes want a bit more of autonomy, the main pain with a 340WH battery is that once battery is used to 40% and more, then voltage is lower and my wheel has less torque and speed, then it beeps easily. I was wondering if 57V was the lower voltage to reach before driving would become boring and slow ?

Then after many reading and this 11.11 discount day on aliexpress, I began by ordering a KS-14C 680WH, and followed by some more greedy clicks to order an Inmotion V8. This is not very reasonable, but there are so many good feedbacks about the well known KS-14C and the Inmotions looks so nice and well balanced.

Maybe I m gonna be seduced more by a 16inch wheel weighting like a 14 inch and will keep the V8 ? I've seen many guys own 2 wheels but I m not sure this would be so useful and an expense very apreciated at home :)

Then, would you guys keep both or prefer one vs the other ? I still have some time to cancel one order or be patient for the final delivery of both :)

Maybe trying both for a while could be a way to go ?

Thank you all,

Cheers from France.

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The original 500W KS-14C has a much higher low voltage battery setting than the newer Kingsongs, I believe it is 55V which would be the right figure for the low voltage at rest however it is, of course, the voltage it measures under load. Hence as you quite rightly say, once the battery has dropped a bit, any load hits that voltage and it starts beeping very early, whilst there is still plenty left in the battery and becomes no fun at all to ride. I forgot to charge mine today and went out for a very short ride and it was horrible. The newer Kingsongs have this voltage lowered to (I think) 50V and work much better.

I have come close to pushing the button on the Inmotion V8 a number of times as I do think the Inmotions are the best out there currently, but I can't quite justify owning two, and I'm a bit disappointed that the V8 did not follow the great V5F+ Design;  its handle is brilliant design and would have given room for a much bigger battery in the V8.

So I'm hoping there will be a V8B that I will not be able to stop myself buying as I do also feel that a 16" wheel needs to be the long range touring wheel that can handle rough terrain and the 14" the short range pop to the shops on the sidewalk wheel. As it stands the V8 and 680W KS-14C are the opposite with the greater range on the small wheel.

Having said that, if I had to buy just one wheel, and I didn't need the wheel to be small (to fit in my locker at work, etc) I would definitely choose the existing V8 over the Kingsong, its higher voltage alone makes it a much more accomplished wheel with higher efficiency which means it does go a lot further than might be expected.

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Thank's a lot @Keith, I had no idea that the KS 500W was more painful regarding lower voltage management, and I tend to hit this stage now more than before.

This end of week, with this 11.11 discount at Aliexpress, V8 was only about 40 dollars more than KS-14C, then I initially had the ks-14c in mind and finally ordered both.

V8 is 84 volts while KS is 67.2 volts, it may give more length time to ride till low voltage beeping. 

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