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Airwheel S5 app function


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I bought a used Airwheel S5 yesterday for a very good price. This was built in 2015 and does not yet have the app function.

I can pair it via Bluetooth and transfer my music to the built in loudspeakers. But nothing else is possible via Bluetooth.

Now I have found a PCB in a German store which is for Airwheel S-series Bluetooth with App function (attached picture).

Does anyone know if I only have to change my built-in board with the new one?


Bluetooth PCB.jpg

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The picture above shows the PCB which is only for the music function.

If you want to have all the other possibilities with the Airwheel APP, annother PCB is necessary. I bought it in Germany at L+G.

It was 70,81€ with the part number LG-1595. It was shipped together with a cable which is connected to the mainboard. Assembling was easy. Unfortunately I did not take a picture. But L+G attached a PDF how to mount it into the S5. It also fits into the S3. I have cpoied the picture out of the PDF file.

Best regards

Airwheel APP receiver PCB.jpg

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@Groundcrew Both my Airwheel S5's delivered in 2019 had exactly the same app board as in your second photo, tucked next to one of the speakers, which is missing (the newly delivered units only have one speaker). That app board continues working even after you unplug the board near the power and charging switch (between the plastic cover and the metal plate you stand on). That board near the charging connector connects your Bluetooth music to the speaker, and also delivers your annoying "don't go to fast" messages. Mine has been left disconnected :D

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