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Offline map tracking on Android

Bob Eisenman

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I added the App from the Google Play Store for 'Navit' 'offline map tracking to an Asus ME173X tablet, which has a GPS function.

1_Using the 'settings-display-layout' set to Bike recognizes non-street bike trails as well as streets.

2_Using the 'settings-Vehicle as bike' allows bike trail mapping

3_Use 'settings-Maps-Route'

4_Using the 'settings-rules-Map follows Vehicle' but not the 'lock on road'

5_Use the 'settings-Display' as 2D, full screen works well

To run:

Touch select a point on the map to start creating a destination

Tap - Actions and then the earth symbol displaying coordinates (for the map location choose by tapping)

Tap - 'add as bookmark', enter a name and tap green check mark to enter

Repeat for several locations to create a destination library

To navigate from the tablets current GPS location:

Tap the maps lower right corner.

Tap Actions

Tap bookmarks

Tap the bookmarked destination of interest

Tap 'set as destination' 

'Navit' displays an hour glass as it computes the route and then updates the map with the Navit track. If the route is too long , on unwanted roads, then choose or create a bookmark destination that is closer to you and then select another destination upon arrival at the previous destination.

Follow the route.



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