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Feedback on ACM V2 and the iOS app


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We went out today for a ride and we took with us the new ACM V2 for my wife.

First the good things: The ACM drives like a charm. It's like a second skin on the feets. It's very agile and very responsive to take small curves. On the other hand it follows the road like a train track. I never felt this slight instability I had with our KS16. The motor has enough power with a heavy weight user on top like me.

Our ACM has an issue with the tire (radial out of roundness) which is scratching the case. So I took it on the first 20 km to give it a serious load. On a plain road it's OK now. But if the tire picks up small stones it scratches again. small stones are crushed stones with 1-3 mm. The room between tire and case is to tight/ tire to big and out of roundness and the quality of the tire is to low, as also the quality control is to low. I took it out of the box, drove it 2 m and thought a bad word. I've no excuse how such a failure can go through quality final inspection.
I'll take it on the the same track this week with a friend and his ACM (which has not the problem like ours). Maybe i need to lower the tire pressure and take a air pump with me. Maybe the tire needs more deformation to get in shape.

In opposite to acceleration the braking is a bit powerless or it acts to low, you need to push it to brake. Coming from a MSuper V2 all is different.

The iOS App needs urgent rework. It's like in the Speedy feet video:

  • Battery flickers in any value from time to time (0% to actual load). Not a problem in WheelLog App on Android.
  • If you make a setting the ACM beeps or tell you with a message the new setting is set. The app doesn't show you which value is set. Also no information on the firmware version, no firmware upgrade ability. Totally useless.
  • The speed can jump/ bounce in a 1 km/h or so range: bad rounding/ filtering/ smoothing of values. Not a big issue but it looks cheap. Not a problem in WheelLog App on Android.
  • No Apple Watch Add on which can be installed on the Watch. Maybe this will be fixed with the 9Bmetrics app soon with support for GotWay/ Kingsong.
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