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[ALL SOLD] Free shipping to the lower 48 states....... Airwheel Q6 for sale

Sweet M

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SOLD the IPS T350+ (shown on the left) and am still looking to sell my Airwheel Q6 (pictured on the right). The Q6 (which is a dual wheel model), would be a great starter for the novice or younger rider and has about only 10 miles on it. The Q6 was intended for my wife to learn and join in the fun, but she never really liked it.........so there ya go.  It was purchased about a year ago at www.electricunicycleonline.com.   

Current price on that site for the Q6 is $499.90 + $$138.49 (TOTAL $638.39).

The Airwheel Q6 14" goes about 9-10 mph for ~ 8-10 miles on a full charge. It's in excellent condition with it only having ~ 10 miles on it.

Selling the Q6 for $250 with FREE SHIPPING to the 48 contiguous states!!!!!!!


T350+ and Q6 TopJ.jpg

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