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  1. "REGRET IT!".................are 2 words that won't enter your mind nor leave your mouth! Congrats and you're gonna love getting to know this wheel!
  2. I would speculate............NO DOUBT!!!!!!!! Wise decision! You won't regret it!
  3. I own 5 EUCs (Gotway Mten3 10", MCM5 14", ACMv2 16", MSX 19", Inmotion V8 16") and a Onewheel +XR. As stated above it really is like electric skiing vs electric snowboarding! So really comparing is sort of apples to oranges. Each sized EUC serves a different purpose for me with some very different feels (range, agility, speed, power, cruise, off-road trails, city, crowded areas, etc.....). The Onewheel + XR can easily reach 20 mph and about 20 miles on a charge, but for me, the real joy of this ride is carving it up on pavement and "snowboarding" the off-road trails! Don't own the Pint, but at that speed, range, and most of all, that price, I'd think it well worth the experience! 6 miles of off-road "snowboarding" trail ride would likely leave one desiring a rest! And..........to be able to carve up the pavement throughout your city/town would prove fun for any adventurist! All vehicles are so much fun in their own unique way and wouldn't want to be without any one of them!
  4. I use Seibertron Dirtpaw BMX gloves! Perfect for my needs anyway! Got them on Amazon for $18. Something to consider for far less cost!
  5. Only think I can think of would be looking in to some wrist wrap heavy bag gloves used for boxing and/or mixed martial arts training. Just a thought! Lots of varieties on Amazon of course!
  6. This is what I've experienced with the Gotway app (not sure if there's more versions or not) thus far while setting up my new ACMv2.......... The Gotway app is really very basic and yet can be confusing. I initially expected to select an option and be confirmed, in some way of the choice I made, or at least see my selections toggled. Not true! What we get is typically a beep or series of beeps and a "send a success" message. So here's what worked for me...................... Once you get your wheel connected: Ride mode: to set your ride feel to soft (leisure), medium, or hard(sports) simply select which one ya want. Of course, you'll hear a beep(s) and get your send a success message. Alarms: To disable 1st alarm (seemingly set to ~30km/h or ~18.5 mph), tap it. (yes you'll only get that beep and message again) To disable the 2nd alarm (seemingly set to ~35km/h or ~22 mph), do the same. NOTE: "Open alarms" simply turns the alarms back on. So if you're disabling both alarms, don't press the "Open Alarms". If you've already pushed this option, simply re-select the 1st / 2nd alarm disable option(s) to disable again. Tilt Setting: simply tap the speed at which you'd like the unit to tilt back, notifying (warning) you to slow down. I set mine at 45 km/h to allow wiggle room at the top end. Safety!!! Calibration: Allows you to set the forward/backward tilt of the pedals. I like mine angled up slightly in front so I don't feel like the wheel is tossing me forward. There are a couple videos on YouTube that explain this well. Just search "how to calibrate a gotway wheel". Otherwise, the app is pretty much useless and not necessary unless ya wanna change your settings again. As Jason from EWHEELS has suggested, the WheelLog app in the play store does a good job of letting ya watch/track speed, charge, wheel temperature, etc... You can also set alarms, if ya wish, at a certain speed, a specific battery level, particular wheel temp, etc....... Anyway, hope this helps a little. I had to set things, test, then reset/test several times to get my desired results so maybe this will save somebody a little time/anguish.
  7. First and only price adjustment to this great little wheel! Now Selling it for $800 + FREE FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING in the continental US!
  8. Selling my Kingsong 14c Ultra 14" 840Wh/800W Motor with fast charger purchased from Jason @ Ewheels. Excellent condition with less than 100 miles on it only being charged ~3 times! I weigh ~ 180 pounds and this Ultra unit will travel ~ 40 miles on full charge, top speed ~ 18-19 mph, and requires only ~ 2-3 hrs to fully charge from low battery level. Very dependable and stable wheel. Selling it for $900 + FREE FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING in the continental US! Reason ya ask................ needing the money for moving expenses! I have a KS 18A and Inmotion V8 so really need to part with one of my 3 wheels and the KS 14 just happened to be the one I chose. Feel free to ask any questions! Prefer transaction to be through Paypal.
  9. Along those lines @HEC ...........As tires are rarely perfectly symmetrical, I've noticed that if I don't maintain my tire psi below 50 psi the tire rubs the fender once per revolution. I agree that it is a concerning issue.
  10. Just discovered that once you customize the light effects on the V8 you can rename, edit, or delete your DIY effects. All ya have to do is swipe left on your effect name and make your selection. Doesn't seem to be a way to edit the factory downloaded effects....... as far as I can tell anyway. :-)
  11. Per the above suggestions re: firmware upgrade........ I now have successfully accomplished the task! Thanks so much to all the many Brainiacs on this forum! :-)
  12. Thanks @HEC! I tried to power off/on the wheel after dowloading the FW, but don't think I ever tried to "reboot" the app. I'll try that later today and see if I can achieve the results you achieved.
  13. @houseofjob .........Take us through the firmware upgrade process please. After downloading my firmware upgrade it states that the SCV has to reboot and if it doesn't, it must be downloaded again. I can download it but not sure what to expect, how long to wait re: "The Reboot", or when exactly does one press the "confirm"? If you can explain your experiences that may help the rest of us, or me at least, to complete the firmware upgrade process. I now own a KS18, KS14C, and the new V8. All area great wheels with their own unique characteristics! The V8 is a great choice for anyone interested in a "best of both worlds" EUC!!!!!! Thanks :-)
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