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KS14C does not turn off !


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After going back home and turned off my wheel, the wheel turned on by itself and I could not turn it off by pushing the button. Nothing happened, the lights remained on and the wheel balance was still working.
After downloading the repair manual, I opened the left panel to disconnect XT60 plug to interrupt power supply in main control board.
By doing so, I noticed that the red wire has been screwed over by one of the screw locking the left panel (see the uploaded image).
This should have been done by one of the technician who repaired the wheel when I returned it on the 10th of April 2016.

I am going to contact Kingsong China and I will let you know how they handle the problem.



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How can this messed up wire cause the wheel to not turn off? This wire is power coming from the battery and feeding the control board. Has nothing to do with the power button. This is not what caused the problem. If the conductors are still ok, just tape this spot over and around with electric tape .

now, you need to find the real problem. Check the power button wires with the multimeter

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