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mounting camera to minipro (mini pro)

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On 8/14/2016 at 8:40 AM, Synap said:


Interesting video recording skills when riding the MiniPro.

This gives me ideas for recording others while in motion outdoors.  It’s very creative and fun, especially when incorporating multiple cameras and a drone.  My drone is older and I would like a smaller, modern version.  It seems that the releases come very frequently and are pricey.

Additionally, I considered recording speakers indoors while on the MiniPro.  After everyone sits down and given enough space to move around, the possibilities are interesting.  I had thought of using a drone indoors to record videos of speakers, however that could be dangerous and also noisy.  No noise with the MiniPro gliding in the back of the room.  I would have go slower and let everyone know what I’m doing.  FYI, I live stream video presentations on a monthly basis of execs on various topics.

The MiniPro is a perfect motion video accessory!

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