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(Another) Inmotion V5F+ Review


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Felt I should give a brief review at the end of Day 1 with the new wheel. Many thanks to Jason Mcneil, bought it and was able to pick it up the next day, along with free handle and protection cover.


Beautiful. Really wanted the black but would've meant a few weeks wait and I am a weak and pathetic creature so.......white it was. The V5f+ looks SO much better than in photos (and it looks great in photos). But certainly in the flesh it's a different matter. On the train and/or in hyde park I was getting looks/questions from everyone throughout the day. Much more than my last wheel. Either it's the design or the fact it's white and stands out more........who knows.


Many great touches. I love the engine cutout trigger, the flap opening to pump the tire and also the battery indicator which is on both when riding and charging. In the past I've had to rely on the power brick colour change....which isn't great when you're red/green colour blind :(. It's hardly 'light,' but certainly much more manageable than the Lhotz or E+. Being so thin makes it easier to hold against your leg too. Haven't tried the handle yet but it looks great, like something you might find on the back of a high end road bicycle.


Coming from an Ips Lhotz with a top speed of 30km/h, this was technically a downgrade. However the beeping on that wheel was so horrendous past 23kph I never really went faster. On the V5f+, you can pull off 25kph before tiltback and there's no beeping. Handling was nice and stiff (no riding modes I can see) and I found the 14inch size to be fine on both road and grass.


-Still don't like Capacitive home button, but lightly touching it to trigger the light on/off is a nice touch.

-App is well-featured, but clunky and awkward in terms of UI/Navigation. Annoying to use mid-ride.

-On the white model pedals don't QUITE match the colour of the wheel body. Irrelevant for most but as a sufferer of extreme OCD it's a niggle.

9.5/10  ??



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