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Hello AUSTRIAN & GERMAN friends who which plans to buy a MINI PRO

Please take care with MEDIAMARKT.DE

Like i ever explain in the topic 

there's 3 MINI modele: N3M240= xiaomi mini ; N3M320= mini pro & N3M260= a xiaomi mini customizing in a mini pro

Below the official FCC document from ninebot about these 3 items

Since last month i saw in MEDIAMARKT DE 2 differents MINI modele are selling NINEBOT MINI PRO (260) & NINEBOT Ninebot Mini Pro+ . Today i saw the entire specs sheet 


don't buy the MINI PRO  260 , because i'm not really sure the specs sheet is true in mediamarkt  : here the official ninebot de specs sheet who show N3M260/N3M320 SPECS  http://www.ninebot.trade/index.php/ninebot_mini_pro_de_de.html who said power battery is 2x350w like the xiaomi modele, in mediamarkt said 750w...(look screenshot)








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