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  1. Hi, this is William from eWheels. It's unfortunate that this whole saga has come to this. To clarify the situation on behalf of eWheels and the seller (and buyer): First, as a disclaimer, we have been carrying out this service of offering our discounted shipping rates for some time now - we don't make any money on this at all. With regards to FedEx claims, if we have an issue with shipping damage, FedEx is highly unlikely to even pay out. In this case, we actually got luck that they did (under 25% of claims ever paid out). Now, to the point at hand. The seller shipped the Wheel to I
  2. Wanted to thank you all for the thread! Was able to save my second miniPro using the wire trick connecting both together. Instantly came back to life and I was able to charge the battery. Is it safe to update the firmware now, or no?
  3. This x10000000. I can’t understand why people are still harping on about the miniPRO being crippled. In rider mode it has to balance all our fat asses, which it does brilliantly. With no rider (in go-kart mode) of COURSE it’s faster.
  4. Very impressive. I was especially impressed with how you went down that curb right at the start of the video. I'm too scared to try curbs, even two years after owning my miniPRO!
  5. YAY! Glad to hear that solved your issue. 10 psi is... wow... insane. I always check my pressures before every ride. Because these are tubeless, a little air will always be escaping as the seal is between the tire and the metal only. Enjoy riding!
  6. If you can feel the tires with your hands as low (slightly squishy), then they're REALLY low. Wouldn't surprise me if they're in the 15-20 psi range. That will absolutely TANK your mileage. As icom stated, pump them to 45 PSI.
  7. Thanks for the review. I updated one of my 3 miniPROs, and noticed no difference whatsoever from 1.3.1 to 1.4. Still a fairly aggressive lean back under beeping, and no other noticeable changes in terms of WHEN it beeps. I can't speak for range since I haven't ridden it enough since the update.
  8. I do understand what you're saying. But given the miniPRO is a device that's quite unlike any other form of transportation, I'd say it's time to learn to adapt. It's not a serious flaw. It's just something to learn! Hasn't the full-size Segway been like this for years??
  9. Call me a party pooper, but I'm tired of seeing this thread up here. It's not a SERIOUS FLAW. It's something you get used to, and I've never once even thought about it. You rotate your body in the direction you want to move. End of story.
  10. Segway told me not to use stuff like that, but to use the other method (the rubbery thing you insert into the wheel). Just an FYI.
  11. Got the kit, and did the repair! It was easy to poke a larger hole in the wheel, but getting the rubber sticky thing into the wheel took a good deal of pressure. I recommend inflating the tire to around 20-25 PSI before pushing into the tire with the rubber patch. It's done, and I tested it with soapy water and it's not leaking yet. Will wait till it's fully cured to ride it, but so far so good... Thank you, all, for the suggestions. Hopefully this solves the issue... till the next puncture.
  12. Great, thank you. Will be heading out shortly to pick it up. Just disappointed the tire lasted barely 100 miles.
  13. I'm going to get this tomorrow. I hope it works. http://m.autozone.com/tire-repair-and-tire-wheel/tire-plugger-kit/slime-t-handle-type-reamer-plugger-kit/486791_0_0/
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