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Calibrate Airwheel X8


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I need to calibrate my X8, but the only tutorial I found refers to the model X3.

Observing the video can realize the ID printed on the circuit board X3 ("SP" and "GND"), which corresponds to the wire, also it has the X8.

The video is in Chines and does not allow automatic translation yoube, so I can not know if the X3 is also so.
Has anyone done this in X8 or any idea how to do it ...


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I have no patience to wait and decided to test it on my X8.
I took 2 drawers cabinet, checked whether they were level with the level tool.
So I opened my wheel, I did exactly as shown in the video, and it worked.
Now my wheel who "came not flush manufactures," is much better to use. I took to paste the wires that was released that were poorly set by the manufacturer. And repent as I have bought this crappy wheel.

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