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Found 8 results

  1. I just got my old X8 out of the closet for a friend to ride and charged it using my Charge Doctor (has ports for both Airwheel and InMotion V8). When I tried turning the X8 on, the lights turn on and beep then die out as if the battery is drained. I've tried it several times now and it is always the same result. Did the Charge Doctor fry my wheel somehow or could sitting in a closet for 5-6 months have been a factor? What do I do to get it fixed? x8 2.wmv
  2. Hey guys, Just found this forum and joined up. I've been an Airwheel X8 for nearly 2 years now. I recently had an issue with my X8. I plugged it up to the charger, correctly, and the light on the charger stayed green (wouldn't charge). I figured that a wire came loose so I opened it up. There didn't seem to be anything out of place so I ordered a new charger. The new charger seemed to do the trick. I tried to turn it on to test it to see if it fully charged, while still disassembled, and the wheel went crazy and jerked out several wires. I think that I got everything hooked back up correctly except for 2 wires. There is a purple and pink wire that start near the capacitors. They have connectors on the end that I assume plug into a connector that leads to the on/off button. The button has a white and red wire going out of the connecter and into it. I really don't want to screw it up so does anyone have a picture of this connection or know if it goes Pink to red, purple to white or vise versa? Please help, I need to cycle! I'm having issues uploading the pictures but I can email one if you think that it will help
  3. I need to calibrate my X8, but the only tutorial I found refers to the model X3. Observing the video can realize the ID printed on the circuit board X3 ("SP" and "GND"), which corresponds to the wire, also it has the X8. The video is in Chines and does not allow automatic translation yoube, so I can not know if the X3 is also so. Has anyone done this in X8 or any idea how to do it ...
  4. Hi, i have an Airwheel X8 that I have been using for a little over 18 months. I use it to commute to the train station and back which is approximately a 5km round trip. The trip out is uphill and there are a few sections with quite steep inclines for short distances. Initially when I first got the X8 riding up these inclines was no problem. Now the X8 really struggles on these inclines. It is as though the battery is no longer able to deliver what the motor is trying to draw. The X8 is also no longer as zippy (good at accelerating) as when new. I can't imagine it would be the engine, as these are reasonably bulletproof. The battery still charges and holds the charge according to the indicator lights. Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be? Dead or non charging cells in the battery? Is there anyway to "reset" the battery? Thanks.
  5. Can someone tell me how I can find info on process of replacing the hub motor on X8.Also where to order Thanks
  6. I have a used Airwheel Q1 with a 170 Wh battery that is capable of holding a charge for 3-4 hours of ride time and when the battery dies it will only take 1 hour to get a full charge. I'm selling this unit for $300 because it is scuffed up a little bit just from it falling on its side. I'm also the owner of Airwheel of Texas....and my company is a new upcoming store in the Houston area that specializes in selling the latest and greatest of Personal Transport devices. Right now our main focus is Airwheel. We're currently waiting for our first set of inventory to come in-stock...so if you our interested in another Airwheel Model you can place a preorder deposit for either the Q1, Q6, X3, and X8. And of course each model has its own price, but we're only asking for $200 in order to lock in your purchase because these are going to go fast and we suggest you should take the opportunity while you can! The pricing for the Airwheel models before and after preorder: X3: $300-$200= $100! X8: $350-$200= $150! Q1: $500-$200= $300! Q6: $600-$200= $400! If you are the first one to make a deposit today, I'll take $100 off the used Q1. So don't miss out on this great opportunity and get your Airwheel while you still can! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any of the white and yellow Q1 models shown in the picture. If you're wanting one of Q6 models, please notify which color option you are wanting to buy. You can call me at 214-490-8282 or email me at zharrison88@gmail.com for any questions or concerns.
  7. Spent the week at a youth church camp and took my Airwheel X8. It was amazing. It flew on the road, offroad, and up and down a really serious hill. The hill was so daunting that I used my strap to make sure I didn't bang up my Airwheel if it couldn't make it. But it had no problems. I'm impressed. Here's a video of me going around the camp and tackling the hill. https://youtu.be/hfoSAQcCRD0
  8. Hi all, I'm never ride an EUC and looking to buy my first wheel. I'm from Brazil, so the customs taxes are pretty high I have two options and would like to hear your opinions: 1 - local Airwheel reseller: X8 about 1100 USD 2 - Ninebot One E+ directly from Amazon/Ninebot: USD 950 (shipment include), when receive I'll have to pay about USD 650 custom taxes. Considering that if I buy the X8 I don't know if it will be possible to sell later here in Brazil, what are the main limitations of this model? Buying a ninebot one will be too much for a beginner? I've never rode and EUC, but my balance is OK. Always ride skateboards, slackline and etc. Thanks in advance, Rodrigo
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