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Wheelin in Jasper


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Went to Jasper this weekend and had some good times on the KS16.  I put 60km on the wheel on the trails and around camp.

I have to say that I really enjoyed riding the trails while playing music through the bluetooth speakers. What a blast!  I honestly didn't think I'd use the speaker feature but I've totally changed my mind on that.  The wheel is very well suited to this type of gravel trail riding and I'd highly recommend seeking out some mountain bike trails in your area.  I find them a lot more fun than smooth pavement.  I even got caught in full on rain while riding, and while I passed a guy on a mountain bike who looked pretty miserable I was full on smiling and still having a great time.

I did manage to get the wheel battery down low enough that it restricted my top speed to about 22km/h.  I think it was at about 40% but I'll have to try again to find out for sure.

We were camping without a powered site, so I had my 120w solar panel hooked to a new 300w sine wave inverter to charge the wheel. It is best for the trailer battery to only charge in full sun, but in any case it kept me going all weekend.  If anyone here is a camper and wants more details let me know.  I had a cheap modified sine wave inverter before and the charger does not work on it.  This pure sine wave works great, but only one of the 2 plugs, so I'll have to contact the seller to get it fixed or replaced.  

I took a few photos of my travels, as well as a couple videos.  I really really like the trolley handle.  On some areas which are impassable on the wheel due to big rocks or steep hills it makes life so much easier.  On my old wheel I had to carry it, and I no longer have to do that with this one.  The other video is just of me riding down and up a valley on one of the trails.  Videos don't really do it justice, honestly.  Basically the hill looks twice as steep and the speed feels twice as fast than it looks in the video.  I'm glad the video turned out though, I had to prop my phone between some tree branches to get a good angle.

I also did some early morning rides through camp and saw a bunch of elk.  It is a beautiful area to be in.






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