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Requirements for EUC Service & Repair Shop


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Hi Everyone,

I'm an electric unicycle enthusiast in India.

I would like to set up a small shop to sell, service, mod & repair unicycles, as well as sponsor some local unicycle races at the local GoKart track. I hope this will be like the bicycle shops near my house growing up in the USA which were staffed by enthusiasts who built custom bicycles for customers.

India has very strict import laws which makes it impractical to import fully assembled units. So I intend to bring over all the parts and do all of the assembly here.

I will be visiting Shen Zhen next month and would like to ask for recommendations on gear, components, test equipment & tools I should purchase to get my shop started.

Thanks for your help !!


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You shouldn't need too many things, tig welder for battery packs will be the most important. A basic soldering station with hot air for surface mount is useful. Everything else is pretty basic. Just make sure you buy motors that match the controllers you buy, they generally only work with one motor type.

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