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Kingsong 16S or Inmotion V8S

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I've seen a few threads online comparing the two, but I'm hoping for more personalized advise.

I'm 5'5" (165cm) and 120lbs (54.5 kg). I've been learning and practicing on a generic Airwheel, and I want to upgrade to something that I can do tricks on but still commute a bit of distance. Speed isn't the biggest factor for me because I'm a weenie going fast even on my bike. 

I've tried my partner's 16s but haven't tried the v8s yet. I'm more small framed so I'm wondering if the v8s would be more comfortable since it's thinner than the 16s. Does one handle tricks better than the other? I know it's possible to do tricks on both, but I'm curious what people's thoughts and experiences are.

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