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differentiate between batch number and shipment date received...


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i had brought up a question about batch version to smartwheel in toronto cause one of the posted reviews (so early too!!!) on the lynx was dated in nov 2023.  so, my interpretation of that review is that the customer purchased a 'batch1' lynx.  they posted delivery date for next lynx is jan-feb 2023.  so i assumed this may be a batch2 lot.

sales at smartwheel pointed out that perhaps using the descriptive 'batch1' could be misleading since it is difficult to know when a retailler received an actual 'batch1' shipment of eucs.  for instance,  a store receives their first shipment of an euc.  they may automatically consider those units from a 'batch1' lot.  the next shipment could be a batch2,  but what if its more of the batch1 lot ?  the only way to know exactly which batch a shipment of a group of eucs is for the retailer to query the manufacturer and distributer.  im guessing only a few have the proper connections to actually get the correct, current, and relevant information.

so perhaps to consider a next batch of the same euc model,  may be considering the next years manufactured date could be a more dependable way of categorizing an euc from a new group of manufactured products (and hopefully improved and revised as well...).  thats the only way i know of, considering what they (smartwheel) described to me.

btw, hopefully smartwheel will have V14 and Lynx demo models by jan-feb 2024....



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3 hours ago, iwantmymtv said:

I'm still trying to figure out how many wheels are in batch one. It's probably really low, like 200 wheels or something.

It all depends on the popularity of the wheel i would think.  the manufacturer can lowball the initial estimate,  the next run could turn into too many to compensate. IMO, its not the numbers, its how well they are put together.  From some vids posted, it stil looks like they are manually building the wheels... thats fine if the assemblers cared about what they are doing... but realistically with the amount of postings of all the brands having sone sort of QC problem, the manufacturers should dirch most of their assemblers and add a few manufacturing bots on the line to add some consistency to their output.  Im not being cruel to say that cause if the assembler doesnt care about what they are doing, they shouldnt be working there to begin with.  Our money goes elsewhere orherwise.  Riding an euc is not breathing air;  i dont live to ride an euc... the manufacturer should understand that most people care about what they are spending their bucks on...there will come a time hopefully, where instead of compromising on QC,  all manufacturers will hav to consistently meet a higher level of QC in their euc manufacturing.  I hope that happens before i get too damn old to walk down the street... or hell freezes over, whichever one comes first...

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I suspect that manufacturers make a small first batch because they are probably aware that most people will want to hold off buying a first batch wheel. They probably make just enough first batch wheels to get some feedback on things that definitely need to be reworked that got missed. I know that the assembly workers care a lot about their jobs because in China they really do have a super high work ethic. It's shameful to loose your job. Plus, the higher ups are likely paying careful attention especially for King Song, LeaperKim, and Inmotion on their new releases. I can't really say for Begode because they are constantly lacking in something.

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