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Msx, Msp, RS shell tire rub fix, and broken thread insert fix


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I know these wheels are outdated but I just thought I'd share my tire rub fix.

These gotway shells are not always completely straight. They're a bit banana shaped. It's also possible the pedal arms aren't completely parallel but still bolted on solidly, and that might result in tire shell rub.

The simple fix I did was to get a few appropriately sized spacers. M5 12x0.8mm od x t

Each pedal arm has two rows of 3 holes that the shell bolts onto. The trick is to add spacers between the shell and the pedal arm. It's easy to slide them in from the nut hole and position them with a thin long tool. 

You just add spacers to the row closest to the rub location. That means that 3 spacers should be enough to fix it. If needed you can stack two spacers.

I also suggest to replace the crappy original philips M5x12 bolts with allen key bolts. Ideally with a wide flange to spread out the pressure as the shell is plastic.

As for the broken thread inserts the fix I do is I got a 3mm extra long drill bit (over 100mm long). I drill the hole all the way through the shell. I then use extra long M3 bolts and nuts to screw the shell together. If bolt head isn't supported because of a crack I either drop an appropriately sized washer in the hole to support the bolt before the crack, or you use a washer that goes over the hole (super long bolts needed). 

My crappy shells (15000km) are solid and functional with these fixes. Damage is going to happen over time so there's no point in frequent replacements. Just get to fixin... 

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I love my Msx. It just keeps on going. My dream is to put 30000km on it.

I got an addon battery pack for it to bring the combined capacity to 4200Wh but I haven't used it yet. Maybe later. Seated riding is really nice on the wheel. And the best of all, it isn't a boat anchor with its 23kg. 

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Yes, i am also very satisfied with RS19 - now fortunately I have the version with the "nice" batteries.  Rides like a dream, the only thing I need is a little more range, so I would love it if it could somehow be modified to 3600 wh


.... and none of us has to bother with a half-witted steam punk suspension system

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If you're lightweight you can get more suspension from the tire alone. Make it work longer sort of speak... wait for prices to drop before swapping.

I've theorized of implementing a switch to the charge port. As long as the port is connected with at least 2pins for pos and neg you can then use it for an addon pack. 

The switch is so the port becomes "live" and is routed directly to the packs. Add a 20A fuse for safety perhaps.

I don't recommend getting a 2600Wh addon like I did because it ends up being 10kg which is a bit hefty to keep in a backpack. On a long seated ride your legs will be tired standing up and sitting down with that weight on the back. Adding a mere 1300Wh is likely a better choice. The jump from 1800 to 3100 will feel massive and the extra weight is minimal.


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