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LG M50T battery of Commander 1st generation


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Shall I worry the fire danger of LG M50T battery in Commander 1st generation? 

I attached the spec of commander as follow. Do you have any ideas pertaining to the issue?   


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2 minutes ago, alcatraz said:

Notif they've been changed. There was a recall if memory serves.

I am not able to check the version of the battery until I teardown the battery. Does it make sense or how to quickly check my version of battery? 

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I've speculated that even bad cells show symptoms before they burst into flames. So by checking cell group voltages you SHOULD be ok. 

But I could never recommend you to go that route. It's a high risk low reward route. Let's say they check out fine one month and 2 months later they're already bad but you didn't check and bam. It's hard to say for sure.

Also I'd like to see packs where the cells aren't pressed up tight against eachother. Just by having that 1-2mm gap from using carriers can make all the difference if one cell overheats.

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You know what you could do if you're DIY and adventurous. Rebuild the M50T packs with fuse wire. At 8P you can actually do that. If one goes you have 7, 6... left to keep you upright.

It's what these DIY powerwall guys do with random cells. They run those cells untill there's nothing left of them, with fusewire. 

The fires happen when 1 cell goes (shorted) and then the neighboring healthy cells dump their charge into the shorted cell. It's like an explosion. With fusewire that bad cell gets disconnected when it shorts out.

A similar thing happens when cells are pressed together (no cell carriers). One cell shorts internally, gets hot enough to melt the heatshrink and the casing shorts out with the neighboring cells, causing a cascade failure.

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