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I haven't been on a group ride yet, someday I want to start going. When I do I'm hoping it's not just something boring like follow the leader. Are there games that are played at these events? I wonder what kind of team games would be fun on electric unicycles during a group ride. Maybe would could make some up. We could definitely allow scooters and rental scooters and runners and any other kind of locomotion. If we wanted we could even allow automobiles.

I'm trying to think of a fun game that capitalizes on the nimble nature of the electric unicycle. It could be a treasure hunt type where the booty is 300. And it could be a kind of war game. Or something like if an enemy is captured then he has to swap EUC's if the captor wants to. And he's frozen until a teammate comes to unfreeze him. What are your ideas?

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Riding EUC with 10 other riders around is already interesting and challenging. There are many different riding styles and experience levels.

Your first "game" can be 'predict what the riders in front of you are about to do' :) 

Most first-timers have trouble predicting stops, leaving room for people to carve, not missing tight turns, etc. Lots to learn! 

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