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Mten3 tire choice


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Hey fellas

I just got an Mten3 and it came with a CST tire 2-ply tubeless that's common for the Ninebot mini segway (old one).

It rides really weird and I'm looking for a replacement. (With a light sideways lean it literally turns on a dime at low speed. At speed it wont turn at all. I can run 25psi or 10psi, and it feels the same. At 10psi my thumb can easily press the center inwards. The sides are ROCK HARD at 0psi. Standing on the wheel and bouncing up anr down feels the same. It's like the pressure has no influence on the ride. It's 100% sidewalls that's doing the work. After a 5min ride the tire is super hot to the touch. Not the motor.)

However tires in this size are more often for 3/4 wheeled vehicles with a flat middle rather than for a vehicle that leans left/right. 

I'm looking for a tire that has a nice (and solid) middle section, and flexible sidewalls, while still tubeless. It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Me and my wife are around 65-70kg so we are not looking for heavy duty. At our body weights we drop the pressure low and if the tire profile is naturally flat in the middle, it means we will be riding on the sidewalls and not the center. 

I'm almost considering trying to convert a non-tubeless tire into tubeless. If I can't find a good tire.

Marty's "BOW" tire looks good although it's not for sale anywhere. I can't see if the sidewalls are super stiff and useless to us.

Any ideas? I hear trying to run a tube on the Mten3 is a waste of time. I wonder.... maybe it'll work for us. Hmm.

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1000007330.jpgThis picture illustrates the problem. It's the same tire left+right.

The uninflated tire naturally wants to have a flat contact patch. The center flexes outward with the air pressure. So far so good.

When inflated to look like the left, there's zero comfort. To get a little bit of give, the tire already looks like the right and won't turn properly. It's like the sidewalls and center of the tire are mismatched. The center is weak and the sidewalls are rock hard (at any pressure).

I'd like lower stiffness on the sides and more in the middle, and a natural round profile. Hmm....

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