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Quick Question about 18XL rim size..


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Hey. ;)

I need to know the ks18xl rim size.. More correctly the inner size - where tire sits between rim walls.

Rim itself is 40mm wide. But how wide would be the distance between rim walls? Anyone knows? Could the inner size be 30mm?



I'm looking at solid tires at the moment.. 50$ worth trying out.. And yes, i know all the "minuses" by having a solid tire. No need to tell me. :D Just wanna try it out myself.

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4 hours ago, Punxatawneyjoe said:

Out of curiosity, what does a solid tire weigh compared to a tubed one?

Original flimsy tires like CST C-1488 18x2.5" is (~1050grams). MC tires like K66 80/80-14 tubeless type is (~2080grams). Which i'm using right now.

All solid 18x2.125" tire seems is around (~1500grams). Can't be right.. Maybe it's made out of "special" material. Making it softer/lighter.. Or maybe the part where it should have tube is simply lightweight starfoam. :D 

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