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My Ninebot Max G30 - first 70 miles

Bob Eisenman

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Here is my 70-mile review from an EUC rider's point of view.


I got 26 flatland riding miles with 12ish battery percent left on Sunday. The escooter has 3 riding modes. I used the intermediate mode with cruise control set to 10mph for much of the ride. I hit 18 mph on the only downhill section. On the return ride, the scooter came to a stop on a steep bridge overpass. Changing the ride mode to 'sport' increased available torque to make it up the remaining steep incline. The ride is easy….standup up and rest hands on the handlebars/throttle/brake. Not being required to make constant balancing changes was restful. The threat of faceplants was not a concern as when on EUC. Braking when needed from a grip-based lever is nice. Acceleration in intermediate mode was good for this rider. The app works fine and shows previous ownership of a Ninebot One EUC and the ridden miles on it. The headlight on the Ninebot Max is impressive but riding it at night is discouraged in the user guide. The pneumatic tire inflates to 55 max but deflates by half overnight. Riding below 20 psi can cause tire damage but riding a bit less than 55 mph gives a smoother ride. I think the scooter can go 30+ miles at 10(ten) mph on flat ground in the summer without problems. An app called 'electric-scooter-helper-escooternerds' has a utility for estimating normal riding range for a rider's weight, battery size, etc. I think mine was calculated to be 27 miles. Negotiating 10-foot radius curves at low speed with small throttle pulses was easy. The mechanical bell is nice. The rider deck seems adequate and shifting foot position while riding is possible if careful. The handlebar height for this 5' 11" rider is good and the grips are generous in diameter. Not worrying about clipping EUC foot pedals along objects/walls and just riding the narrow-width scooter is easy. Charging the scooter uses an integrated voltage converter so only an AC plug with the correct connection for the rider's country is used. Charging for an hour or two refreshes the battery but 100% recharge takes a few hours. The weight of the 2 wheeled scooter when pushed in off mode seems easy. The nature of the construction of the deck/frame/sides seems to suggest a metallic cage for the large lithium-ion battery. Riding in a balanced stance on bumpy terrain is required and extreme terrain would seem to be a problem since only pneumatic tires give cushioning. The scooter is quiet while in motion.

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