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V11 VESC conversion


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does anyone know how many poles are on the V11 motor?  I think it's around 30?

we did a tire change on a new wheel at 5 months and the thing went kaput, the APP said it needs a new motor but we tested it, the motor works fine.

I've got over 15 thousand miles on euc and i've changed tires 8 times in the past without issues

tired of dealing with faulty electronics, just gonna throw a VESC on it so we know what we're dealing with.

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yes, its has onboard gyro and self balancing app.

check out trampaboards.com they make them for onewheels and skateboards.

i had a 100/250 VESC for a paraglider winch i'm gonna throw on this V11.  If you take the board out of the heat sink the VESC actually fits in there nice with just a little modifications.

you can set it to max and not worry about mysterious cutouts and such, just don't push it to it's limits, there's a phone app so you can monitor it.

freedomcaller youtube channel has tutorial on setting up euc with vesc too.

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