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Adding connector between motor and motherboard


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I just acquired a begode hero with slight suspension issue (essentially missing a nut) for a good price. 

While addressing that, I took the whole wheel apart to tighten and clean things and started to realize how convoluted this wheel is put together.

In order to change tire, I'd have to remove so many things.

Then I was wondering, if it'd be possible to add a connector along the motor wire so that I won't have to take apart everything on this wheel for futureproofing tire changes. Kind of like how the s18 has a connector near the motor.


Has anyone done this? If I were to tackle it, would 3pin xt60 of sort work? What kind of current would the motor wire carry (begode c38) that I need to size for?


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Even on my ancient Tesla v1 they had to switch to 5-5.5mm banana connectors because the supplied 4mm ones got all burned and toasty. 

It's like an EC5 but without the plastic because it would melt. To keep the plastic intact you need something that can handle ~60A continuously. Maybe XT90 or XT150. If you don't have plastic around them maybe an EC5 will be enough. Many control board banana sockets are 5mm = EC5 without the plastic housing.

Then there's exposing them to the elements which probably is a mistake or they could oxidize.

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