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Inmotion V10 - almost completely dead


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I'm in need of advice. I purchased an used Inmotion V10 and it's broken, with the following behaviour.

-when I first got it, it was completely dead

-I plugged the charger and the only sign of life is the rear light flashing once in about 3 seconds.

-pressing the power-on button will do nothing

-the music Bluetooth works, I can play music on the speakes

-the main Bluetooth is visible in the app but cannot connect


I opened the wheel and I checked:


-the battery voltage is 78v (at the big connector)

-no signs of visible defects

-completely removed the battery and it still supplying 78v. Should it supply whiteout the connection to the driver board?


Did you had any similar situations? Should I buy a new driver board? Could the BMS generate this issue?


Many thanks!

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This requires a bit of skill but personally I'd take a real close look at the control board with a magnifying glass and a multimeter. The BMS as well.

Check cables for damage.

On Inmotion V8 and probably V10 I believe the control board needs to communicate the battery to supply output. 

I'm surprised you were able to read 78V on the output terminals. If I do that on my V8 I think it shows like 3v or something of the sort.

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Don't give up. Inmotions might appear dead until all the conditions of power up are met. 

I just took apart my wife's V8 motor for an overhaul and I noticed that I can just buy a replacement for 45usd. Parts are relatively cheap for these older inmotions. The challenge for you is to not replace something you don't have to.

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The both BMS and Driver board where checked by a friend of mine who (electronics engineer) and he said everything loock ok ( power supplies and other stuff I don't really know:)))

So his conclusion is that the problem might by from software or some of the "processors" on the boards. 


And you are right, I wouldn't want to spend 200eur on a drive board just to find out it was the BMS...

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