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Begode Master Off center...

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I don't remember my Master being off centered. I did a curb hop for the first time, (more like head on and flying forward), and i dented my rim slightly.
Video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/Q80zNJqVt3c?si=n_CcSwXgEsIW2CE3

A few days later, started hearing noises from my wheel
video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjVcFi-QBcE&ab_channel=WILSON

Wheel was observed to be off center, and there were scuff marks on the inside. I dont remember it being off center like it now.

So I replaced my rim, thinking that would fix the rubbing noise and obviously take care of the dent

After doing this all, the tire is still rubbing on the inside, and the  frame and wheel looks off center still,. The wheel appears to be center with the suspenion but not with the frame/ battery boxes on the inside. The Right side of the wheel frame is closer to the tire , and there is a lot of space on the left.

Any ideas how to go about straightening this out? Like i said, i dont remember the wheel being this off center, and never had any tire rubbing.



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3 hours ago, EUC Custom Power-Pads said:

Have you checked the suspension sliders (rods) to see if they are bent?

After making this post, i disassembled the wheel again and checked for this all over and the entire frame and suspension sliders are in perfect shape. I also went to see if the issue was the pedal hanger positioning. I did some slight adjustments on the right side but it didnt really take away the issue of the tire rubbing against the battery pack case.  Hmmmmmmm. 

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9 hours ago, vasol said:

any updates?  im having the same issue, seems liek its getting more and more off center to the right 

No, I only shimed my battery packs with 2 washers for each screw on the battery packs to get the packs away from the tire. I take the wheel apart 3 times total with all the packs off to see where the deformity is and I just don't see it.  

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i t-boned a car last year, the suspension tubes seemed straight when rolled on a flat surface but once fully compressed if it was wet outside the suspension would get sticky, i backed off the set screws that hold the brass graphite bearings and a bunch of wd-40 worked but my right foot seemed off center, i replaced the right suspension tube and it fixed everything

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