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Begode RS - Petal Hangers Scraping Motor

Brandon R

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Hi all -


Please help! I had to replace a rim on my RS a few weeks ago and after seating the motor into the new rim and reassembling, I immediately noticed a grinding sound. I opened it back up to find a circle scrape around the outside of my motor (both sides).

To my understanding the motor looks like it's sitting correctly in the new rim. Side plates are secure, however the center of the motor does protrude about a half inch further on the side the cables exit from (can't tell if this is intentional or something I need to fix).

What appears to be happening, no matter how many times I try to rescrew these peddle hangers back on, is they continue to press directly against the motor, towards the bottom of the hanger. Also note I still have the single washer, or whatever it is called, that go in with each screws.

Is there something obvious I'm missing here when it comes to seating these hangers onto the motor?


Let me know if I can provide more detail. Apologies ahead of time, I'm new to the euc space!



Brandon R


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