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[SOLD] InMotion V12 HT, barely used, for sale - SF Bay Area

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Hi, all. I've been giving EUCs a try for a few months now, and InMotion was good enough to hook me up with this new V12 after my V8F broke, but I think this might not be for me after all--I don't quite have the ankles for it, as it turns out, plus I might be moving in a few months and can't take this with me. With that in mind, I was wondering if there were any potential takers in the SF Bay Area for a practically-brand-new wheel. 

Like it says up in the title: this is an InMotion V12 HT that I got new from the manufacturer just a few weeks ago, with only 12 miles on it, and the charger/power cord included. I haven't put any pads or anything on it--the only change I made was to drop the pedals to the lowest setting. Speaking of pedals, InMotion included a set of their honeycomb pedals with the wheel; I got them for nothing, so I don't mind including them for nothing.

So that's the wheel, the charger, and the pedals for, let's say, $1500 (or best offer). I'd prefer to sell in-person, for cash, to someone in the Bay Area--I don't have a PayPal account and I haven't got a box to ship all this stuff in--but I'm willing to give shipping it a try, if you don't mind putting up with me while I learn how to do that.

Thanks in advance. :)





UPDATE: Sold 8/11/23. Thanks for the interest, all.

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EUC Sold
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