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S22 pro, ShermanS, v13

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So, I "want" to sell at least one of what I call my shroedinger wheels (which are both to be sold or to be kept wether I look at them or not)😂

But I might be willing to sell one of them. I have too many..

My kingsong s22 "pro", meaning it was first a regular s22, but both the motor, motherboard and sliders were changed for pro version. (The sliders are not CNC). Not shows 250kms. Originally around 2500kms total.

My 62lbs Sherman less than 1000kms 

V13 with seat and stand. Less than 1000kms. 

I would sell any of these for around 3000usd.

Located in Canada, so needs to be shipped with insurance.

I'll update photos later

Let me know if any questions 



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Sadly I am not local,  i’m going to have to hold off.  My truck repairs just took a turn for the worst I’m getting hit with a 4K billnow.

The original shop installed the wrong bearings three years ago when they installed a locker. which resulted in excessive wear, and the ring and pinion gears, locker and bearings all need replacement. Grrrr. 

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Hi guys. Sorry I didn't check this forum for a while!

Let me know if there's still some interest for the Sherman

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