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Begode Master V4 With/ Full Clark System And Lots of Extras $2600


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Hi I’m Luka Bryant, it was hard going over everything in the video so I’ll let everyone know about it here. I’ve got a Begode master Version 4 or whatever the newest version is, it had the new Flexible linkages and I have it on soft mode, it has metal battery casing as well as the new race mode firmware, and all upgraded electronics and had the new kickstand!! I have the Full Clark system on it with the Extreme Foam pads. I also have a 3d printed back handle that has cup holders on it and a bag that can hold your phone and other accessories that also hold the battery for the led lights. I have the Begode stock pads if you’d like to switch back to those and I also have a 3d printed from handle that can be put on if you take the Clark pads off.  I have a super bright headlight with 2 motorcycle frame sliders attached to the front for bumpers, a kickstand and more protection for the wheel. I’ve got bottom light ls that go on the pedals to make the ground glow and if you can tell the brake light cover cracked when I had a small crash or tumble with this wheel so I’ve got a 3d printed version on right now but have a new plastic one coming witch I can ship to you once I get it, but you really don’t need it. Other than my small tumble, everything works, I’ve never road in rain and if anyone has question or needs more pictures Pm me, the wheel has only 1700 miles on it and I’m also able to FaceTime if you’d prefer that. If interested pm me and thank you! IMG_4946.thumb.jpeg.3327af12e92b1fbdcb1ecae013ab1303.jpegIMG_4976.thumb.jpeg.a86cd970af2471c5618c3de7c1bde5da.jpeg

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