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Commander Pro headlight swap and amps capable of delivering the board


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Hi everybody.

I im thinking of swapping my commander's headlight for another one more powerful; however, I am concerned about how many Watts or amps the board is capable of providing.


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Well, I just moded my CP, installed this Fog light:


20w draw something like 1,66Amps max. 

have to add a little modifications:

Removed the stock lights and printed two caps  (one with a hole for ligth cable and o-ring for seal) with 2 printed nuts for press sealing and mounting

drilling a hole under the CNC handle, and adding tread for a 5mm bolt for the mount

I have printed two spacers for enlarge the front sliders + M5 x 70mm bolts

Way better results than stock!!




video5113864160295257012 - frame at 0m1s.jpg

video5113864160295257012 - frame at 0m3s.jpg

video5113864160295257012 - frame at 0m9s.jpg

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On the road or in the rain, they tend to be overshadowed by the lights of oncoming cars, as they all are; I have not had the opportunity to test them in totally dark places.
I think that the option you used, a 5-inch bar with a flood of 6 LEDs, could behave better with less power draw.

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