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Gotway Nikola 100V & RS battery safety (lg mt50)


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Considering to buy Gotway Nikola 100V or RS. Is there some way to know(other than dismantle) if these wheels have problematic lg mt50 battery cells inside?



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Read the label on the packs.

The RS came out a bit later and should be a bit easier to find with other cells.

Also there are several versions. The RS with the display is v3/4 and I'm guessing they don't have the cells. 

Then there are the RS with the smaller bearings (v2/3?)  and they are less likely than the v1/2.

But to know for sure, better remove the side panel. Sometimes the battery label is on the side facing the wheel. Bit troublesome but still, as a wheel owner you'd want to know.

(I don't know which version is which. Just vaguely the order they came out. I'm guessing the version numbers above.)

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