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Where to get One Wheel fixed in Maine

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My friend has a one-wheel and she said it is giving her issues. She wanted to take it to someone to see if they could fix it. Is there a place in Maine that can look at it? We live in Freeport. Thanks!


And while I'm on here, there's a shop in New Hampshire that I believe sells EUCs and one wheels. I can't remember the name of it but I bought my UC from a guy who worked there. I like to find that contact as well. He was great and fixed my EUC once.

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I heard from a Louis Rossmann video that OneWheel is a pain with DIY repairs. (if I remember correctly) So confirm before giving it to a dodgy repair place. 

I don't quite remember the details, but something about if you cut the power to certain components, they're designed to "self destruct" as in disable the wheel because it's been tampered with. It's some BS about "protecting the consumer".

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I’ve been looking for someone to repair my Onewheel for a couple years – I put a new tire on it and ever since the sensors are all messed up. I actually got thrown from it because it is maladjusted. Any leads would be very much appreciated.

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