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Great Condition Upgraded KingSong S18 with only 65.5 Miles

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I've had this S18 for awhile now but I hardly ever ride it. I always choose to ride my Sherman because I like going fast and for long range rides, so this S18 just sits at home and only has 65.5 miles on it. It's actually a replacement S18 that eWheels sent me since my first one, a 1st generation one, had a locked up suspension. I had a lot more miles on that one. I honestly can't remember which generation this one is, I think 3rd or 4th...it's actually documented somewhere in these forums, if I could just find it. But this one has a smooth, well working, suspension.

Anyway, here's the details:

KingSong S18  -  $1,650 (OBO) + Shipping if not sold locally (Price Reduction 05/27/2023)

  • 65.5 miles on the wheel (I am the original owner)
  • Comes with original box/manual/charger/pump (I'll have to modify the Styrofoam packing due to the power pad mods)
  • Custom Power Pads (combination of Lukasz Power Pad & Bumper Kit plus some personal customization with Surf Board Traction Pads for added higher knee-contact torque)
  • Shock Dust Guard by Lukasz
  • Black Crow motor wire protector kit
  • Black Crow EUC Docking Station
  • Black Crow S18 Pedal Spring Set
  • Stock Street Tire
  • Stock Pedals with Grip Tape
  • Stock Shock (works well)
  • Yes, the stickers on the bottom of the pedals struggle to stay "stuck." KingSong didn't use very good glue for them. I put double sided tape on them or other glue to try and help them stay there. They didn't use good glue on the pedal grip tape either, but I reglued them with better glue, and they are secure now.

It's virtually brand new with only 65.5 miles on it.









Please let me know if you have any questions. Everything is negotiable.



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