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  1. Is there any way to get the DarknessBot metrics overlay synced onto a different video recorded with an Insta360 One? Or do you have to record the video with the iPhone in order to get the overlay? I want to leave my iPhone in my pocket with DarknessBot running, and record my ride with the Insta360 One on a selfie stick.
  2. Well when you get the chance at least you'll have a pimped out wheel!
  3. 2.88 inches. Look carefully at the picture of it in my post. I picked it up at Lowes here in the USA. I don't know if you have equivalent hard ware stores in the UK.
  4. I can't help but make the observation that you enjoy moding your wheel more than riding it. I mean, that's great and is in no way a criticism. But just look at your tire; it's like brand new. Props to you for your awesome mods!
  5. Oh I see; what a pain in the ass then. I was considering ordering a new tire to experiment but I'm not sure I'm up for that much hassle...
  6. So you're going to leave the roll bar off all the time so you can change the tire more easily every 5,000 miles or so? I'm just trying to understand the logic.
  7. No. This whole thread is filled with reasons why you should be much more worried about the S18's hardware. Firmware comes in at a distant last place consideration...
  8. There are guides. I recommend watching U-Stride. Search his channel and he has a lot of videos about riding styles. Here is one:
  9. I think maybe you are the only one that thought of this. Why would you want to remove the roll cage?
  10. Yeah, you have to lean forward a lot to go forward. Plus I'm tall so when crouching down to sit I end up on the very back and have to pull myself forward by grabbing the roll bar. Good point about trying it with pedal tilted forward. I'll try that next weekend.
  11. Soft. I haven't tried any other mode for very long. I used to ride hard all the time (Kingsongs) because that's just what I thought experienced "pros" did, but once I learned soft actually helps maneuvering and accelerating its been hard for me to ride any other way.
  12. I'll try to get some shots next weekend. I felt fine turning while standing but earlier today I tried out sitting on the seat (never rode seated before) and when turning one time I think it might have pedal dipped and my foot hit the ground and I fell over. I was going slow. Sitting down and riding is going to be whole 'nother learning curve. At my height I'm not sure if I'll take to it. It's just an awkward position.
  13. Here some pics showing how I fastened the seat:
  14. I used four each of these under the seat right on top of that white and orange sticker. I had to use Super Gorilla Gluer on the side sticking to the seat because the 3M tape wouldn't stick to the seat itself. I'm going to wait a day or two before trying to pull the Velcro apart. I'll upload a picture of what that looks like later: They sell these at Lowes in packs of 14 (which is 7 complete pairs). Four (4) pairs (8 strips total) of them fit perfectly under the seat.
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