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  1. Thanks for all you help @HelpYourVideos. I was able to add music to about ten (10) 4K videos in recent days and get them uploaded to YouTube. Here is one of them...check out my channel (Wheeling Family Robinson) there to see others:
  2. I finally figured it out with ffmpeg!!!!!!!! I had to download and install it! I thought it was just a basic windows command that was preinstalled. This is all I did with AAC audio file output from Shotcut (not WAV): ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -i audio.mp3 -c:v copy -c:a copy muxed.mp4 This worked within seconds flawlessly. I'm uploading new videos to YouTube now. It will probably take several days to complete all the HD processing on YouTube before they are ready to post. ffmpeg is definitely the winner! (Once you figure out how to use it). mkvtoolnix and mp4box both had errors each and
  3. I just made another 17-minute muxed video (a different one) with mp4box and the same exact thing happened: at the 5:43 mark the video freezes for the rest of the 17-minutes...frozen on one frame for the rest of the video while the music plays normally...this is so frustrating! Now I tried exporting WAV audio per the tutorial linked above from @HelpYourVideos and then muxing it in mp4box and it goes through 100% of "importing ISO" process, and then goes straight to "Ready..." and never exports and does not create a muxed file. I have no idea what is going on...
  4. @HelpYourVideos thanks! I did google searching and how-to video watching all day yesterday and figured out most of it but I'm still having problems. On one 17-minute video, I matched up 17-minutes worth of music and exported the music by checking the option on the export Codec tab for "Disable Video." I assumed that is how I export only audio and it seemed to work. (I will watch the video above after I post this). Then I tried to multiplex them together in mkvtoolnix and it kept getting an error and I could not figure it out. The video was MP4 and the audio file was M4A (even though
  5. How to Crash a Brand New Skydio 2 in 90-seconds! (And record it in stunning 4K! )
  6. It seems like using Shotcut would be easiest, but am I not supposed to export again? How does the audio get embedded with the Video? In that tutorial I don't see him ever export. But in other videos I see people exporting to save the video and audio together. I guess in that tutorial video you linked, the guy missed the part about just "saving" the project and I assume it would save with the new voiceover embedded in it?
  7. @HelpYourVideos Thanks for the tips. Most of it is above my head though. However, my newest toy is a Skydio 2 that takes great looking native 4K @ 60 FPS. I don't need to deal with framing angles (I forget the term for that already) out of 360° footage. However, it's pure video with no audio. What I would greatly appreciate advice on is a user-friendly way to add audio (speaking into a microphone while watching the video in real time) and/or adding music (royalty free) to the videos. All while maintaining the quality of the original video. Special effects, titles, etc. would be great
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