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Skrskr Wireless Bike Horn 115dB Loud Bicycle Anti-Theft Horn

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Just back from my first town run with this little puppy, which I bought to replace my pleasant sounding but incongruously antiquated finger bell ! I have the main unit veclroed to the Master, and have the remote velcroed to 2 loose straps on one finger of my gloves, meaning it is always within reach. Got the hook side on the remote, so it attaches to my hand or to a spare bit of the fuzzy pad fairings when not in use or when I need my hands free.

I got mine off Amazon at link below... 20 quid, free delivery.


So, bluetooth coms between the 2 units, and tiny delay between pushing buttons, and sound activation, but doesn't matter too much practically speaking. It is VERY loud, and made at least 2 old ladies jump out of their skins on the cycle path, necessitating apologetic waves etc etc... might turn that down bit - there are 3 preset volume levels, and I had gone for the loudest.


Even though this is primarily a vibration-based alarm system, the bell functionality is as well thought through, and easily accessible on demand, as is a much more serious and ongoing siren that I'm sure will be useful in deterring (or provoking) any pursuing dogs or wildlife, and great fun for if you sit down away from your vehicle and people start sniffing round it...

Not everyone responded to the digital bell at a distance, and the people I stopped to ask about it said they had heard it, but had trouble localising it, so I can hold the button to make the digital chirping go on longer. There are 5 sounds to choose from, 1 good one (the chirping, which is the least aggressive) and 4 considerably shitter ones that sound like warnings of impending disaster, and are a bit OTT.

The vibration alarm is easily set and disabled, but I am never more than 5 ft away from my machine so I won't use this functionality, and therefore don't need to hide or securely mount the speaker.

Comes with a surprisingly detailed and non-Chinglish manual, covering the setup of modes etc but notable for one big omission - no instructions for how to turn the main unit on or off. This might seem bloody obvious given that it's one button, but short pressing it just reveals battery status, long pressing it for 3 seconds turns it on and puts in pairing mode (any button on remote to complete pairing), but turning it off requires a full 10 second press, which the manual doesn't mention at all ! A series of cryptic beeps confirms these actions.


Waterproof, we are told, but no dunking !

The main speaker recharges via full size USB C (cable and all fixing included) and the remote takes cell batteries (unclear which so far!) but it is entirely unobvious how you would go about changing that - there don't seem to be any seams, flaps, or slidable covers on the unit, just the tiniest of little holes you could maybe get a spudger into ! Again, not mentioned in manual.

It seems to last a decent amount of time - I was still beeping away happily after a 6 miler today, and hopefully it will hold up to longer rides. It does seem to use very little power when on but not making noise - left it on all night the other day and it was still fine in the morning and for todays ride.

So, generally speaking, happy with that, but will still keep my trad bell in my backpack, should the batteries desert me early, or should I lose the remote, which seems a possibility !

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How is this working for you?  Still liking it? I was debating getting a bell and 3d printing a mount for my hand, basically make it a ring, but remembered this thread. That horn  looks solid. Might actually get some pedestrians  out of the way. 

Side note: I’m utterly baffled at how many people Don’t understand passing on the left and they jump Left right in front of you.  It hasn’t changed since I use to commute by bicycle 15years ago. Granted everyone has ear buds in all the time 

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