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Brand New Sherman S is beeping at 14-15 mph??


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Hi guys,

I apologise if this is a dumb question or if it's somewhere on the forum already, I did search but I didn't find anything on the subject.

I just received my Sherman S a few days ago, it's my first suspension wheel and I've been getting used to it's monster size and weight compared to the Nikola plus I've been riding.  I have been riding at low speed (around 10mph) but as soon as I hit around 15 mph the wheel starts beeping at me.  I recall a similar experience when I first got my Nikola plus but after adjusting alarms using EUC world and Darkness bot nothing seems to work. 

Is there a low speed break in period for Veteran wheels or is there an issue?

Much appreciated if anyone can shed some light on this

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On 5/11/2023 at 9:28 PM, Paul D said:

There’s a Leaperkim App?  Is it on Apple?

Android only. But you don’t need it to adjust settings.  You can do that all on-screen. Just need it for firmware updates. 

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